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Resources Blog The right partner for your plastic manufacturing needs

How to choose the right partner for your plastic manufacturing needs

There are five steps to superior injection molding: part design, resin selection, mold creation, testing & adjustment, and production & maintenance. If you’re like most OEMs, it’s likely that you may not have in-house experience in one or more of these areas. With a wide range of options and intricacies within each step, it can be extremely difficult to identify a solution that perfectly meets your desired results in terms of costs, quality, and lead time.

How to choose the right partner

Things to consider

Things to consider injection molding

In addition to the traditional criteria used to select an outsourcing partner, the following buying criteria are critical capabilities you should look for in an injection molded plastic manufacturer:

Quality Specifications

  • Proven commitment to quality through ISO 9001 certification
  • Superior testing and simulation capabilities on-site
  • In-house quality assurance team to actively monitor all processes

Past Performance

  • History with your type of project (volume specialization, capacity, and compliance for your specifications)
  • Experience running the selected resin and materials

Production Facilities & Capacity

  • Proper equipment to satisfy all program requirements
  • In-house mold manufacturing with experienced tool engineers (this saves time during trials and set-up, avoids costly adjustments or retooling, and allows you to deliver faster ready-for-market products)
  • In-house mold maintenance

Technical Capabilities

  • Strong design for manufacturing and assembly engineering capabilities (DFM) from the manufacturer's team
  • Computer-assisted design and engineering (CAD & CAE)
  • Knowledge to help you select the right type of plastic resin(s) for your product
  • Access to innovative and new science on material, which could translate to enhanced quality and cost reduction


  • Value-added finishing like printing, insertion, shielding, and painting
  • Value-added supply chain services like logistics, warehousing, assembly, and packaging

Seven essential questions to ask

seven questions to ask injection molding

It would be easy to write an infinite list of questions for selecting an injection molding partner. However, we believe you should be able to confidently answer “yes” to these seven essential questions:

  1. Does the partner meet your quality certifications for your project?
  2. Does the partner have the right size injection molding machines/capabilities?
  3. Does the partner have in-house tooling?
  4. Does the partner act as an extension of your engineering team (DFM)?
  5. Does the partner have capabilities to assist in resin selection?
  6. Does the partner have the capacity to complete the project, including secondary operations?
  7. Does the partner have the tools and processes to complete the project and deliver on time?

With so much to think about related to mold design and construction, you need a partner that sees the injection molding process holistically: one who can ask the right questions, scope your project thoroughly, and identify and manage the right manufacturing partner. Chainlogix has nearly 25 years of design and manufacturing expertise, supplemented by the knowledge of reliable and trusted partners worldwide, to facilitate successful injection molding. Contact us today to discuss how Chainlogix can help produce your next plastic part.

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