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Resources Blog What Superior Plastic Injection Molding Manufacturers Do

Alan Hu, Chainlogix President of Global Sourcing and Asia Operations, has 22 years of experience in global sourcing strategy, supplier quality, and project management. Having built strong manufacturing connections while working at Intel, GE, and Amazon, Alan manages many of our supplier relationships and continues to research new opportunities across Asia. His mission is to bring the best options to Chainlogix’s customers, ensuring a cost-effective and high-quality product.

Interview with Benson Zhu - General Manager at CMTECH

Alan recently caught up with Benson Zhu, the General Manager at CMTECH, one of Chainlogix’s extraordinary injection molding partners. Having achieved ISO 9001:2015, IATF-16949:2016, and ISO 13485:2016, CMTECH is a leading manufacturer in the injection molding space, serving primarily the lighting, consumer electronics, automotive, packaging, and medical supplies industries. Continue reading to learn more about CMTECH’s capabilities and how their advanced technology and equipment can make a difference for you.

Alan Hu

Alan Hu - President of Global Sourcing and Asia Operations

AH: You manufacture molds in-house. Why is this a better solution for customers?

BZ: As you know, most of the success for your plastic injection molded parts/components depends on the mold. Fundamentally, the mold will be used on a specific injection machine. When your partner has the expertise and experience to pair mold building with the injection machine during the design phase, you have assurance that the mold is best fitted for the injection machine. 

When the customer engages with a one-stop injection molding company like ours, all the work from computer-aided design/engineering/manufacturing is properly relayed (via automation) to the mold manufacturing and then production.

Overall, in-house tooling abilities will save a lot of time during trials and set-up, avoid costly adjustments or retooling, and allow you to deliver faster-qualified products. 


plastic injection molding simulation
Injection molding design team

AH: How are you well equipped to manage mold design and build?

BZ: We have an entire team of mold design engineers and over 20 fitters with 10+ years of experience who can produce more than 600 precision molds a year.With 79 sets of high-precision mold manufacturing equipment in house, we are better positioned to create the mold you want than most contract manufacturers – and even mold design engineering firms. 

AH: Your organization has a Material Data and Application Laboratory onsite. Why is this important for someone looking for a manufacturing partner?

BZ: Customers always seek quality assurance and a shorter lead time. Most injection factories solely rely on the resin data provided by the resin manufacturer. That information is useful but limited. A lab will provide a lot more details on the resin properties with very accurate property data. This translates into a more precise mold flow simulation prior to tooling and production, therefore improving design and injection parameter set-up and reducing design failures and risks.

We also conduct material application R&D, partner with domestic and foreign material suppliers (like Dupont, Eastman, DSM), and cooperate with leading university research programs (like Tsing Hua University, Nanjing University, Shanghai Jiao Tong University). Customers have access to innovative and new science on material, which translates to enhanced quality and often cost reduction, as well.

CMTECH partner universities

AH: How is your lab set up?

BZ: Our in-house lab is focused on servicing precision molds and injection molding. Everything starts with a top-of-the-line CAE simulation, which helps avoid costly and time-consuming errors and modifications. We also complete material characterization tests – thermal, mechanical, environmental, physical, chemical, rheological properties, and more. Among our 30+ devices, we have capillary rheometer, PVT tester, universal testing machine, DSC (Differential Scanning Calorimeter), Thermal Mechanical Analyzer (TMA), shore durometer, etc. Having such a lab provides an increased level of quality assurance, and being in-house really makes a difference for lead time. 

Material testing IM plastics lab



AH: Everyone talks about industry 4.0 or digital manufacturing. Can you tell us what that looks like at CMTECH?

BZ: We have really focused on this since our foundation. We use complex computer-aided simulations (design, flow, assembly, etc.) before we even start making a mold, which avoids approximately 90% of issues prior to machining. We can do that because we have more than 6,000 plastic materials and over 1,000 pages of product casebooks in our database.

We are using a cloud-based system, so most of the information is passed on digitally from one function to the next. For example, we can pre-set machining tools outside the machine, which saves a lot of setup time and ensures the data transfer is completely error-free. We use in-mold monitoring and control, intelligent production tools like BOM automation, APS intelligent planning, and RFID standardized operations. We can provide customers real-time visibility into where we are, as well as in-time quality control.

AH: Can you share with us why you invested in an advanced cooling system?

BZ: We use an ONI cooling system made in Germany. Traditionally, every injection machine is equipped with a cooler. With the ONI, we rely on a central cooling system. It allows us to precisely control the water’s flow pressure, temperature, and quality going to each machine. That level of precision leads to a higher quality product (better knit line, less flash, sticking, or deformities), and reduced wear on the mold because we can ensure PH value of the cooling water. 

Cooling system plastic injection molding
robotic arm plastic injection manufacturing

AH: What is CMTECH looking to accomplish in the future?

BZ: We are continuously adopting new technology to reduce the cost of plastic injection moldings while improving speed and quality. From a production standpoint, our most recent efforts are in implementing robot arms, advanced resin feeding systems, and product measurement tools. Our lab is also working on high-performance materials and developing the intelligence on how to use lighter and eco-conscious plastics.

AH: Thank you for answering our questions!

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