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Resources FAQs

The most significant difference is that we assume responsibility for the quality of the product we deliver. Brokers don’t take ownership of the product or process and don’t offer many additional services.Brokers don't work directly with manufacturers; they are a spot solution. We set up supply chains that are sustainable and will provide you with assurance of supply at a lower cost.

Our service offering goes beyond just connecting you with a factory. We manage the process of sourcing, design, pre-production, testing and certification, and manufacturing. We also offer post-production services such as freight forwarding, warehousing, and inventory management.

Yes. We are not constrained by a line card the same way distributors are. We eliminate margin stacking by working directly with high quality manufacturers to deliver you a complete custom supply chain solution for the numerous product categories and subassemblies you need.

In fairness, distributors do fill a need by providing stocking on some commodity parts and they may offer also lower prices on very small quantities.  A distributor will carry a large inventory and make it easy for you to complete a spot buy on a standard piece.

Where we are able to bring the greatest measurable value is in situations where customers need alternate sources, custom parts, assemblies, larger quantities, safety stocks and help with their design engineering. Our customers have also found that our assembly, kitting, warehousing, and inventory management services are far superior to distributors. Finally, our financial terms will favorably impact your cash flow. 

No. A consultancy analyzes, makes recommendations, and walks away. We manage all the details associated with the sourcing, manufacturing, and inventory of your program. Our customers view our relationship as a true partnership; we go beyond recommendations and we take ownership to execute, manage, and deliver results.

We understand that there are some relationships that require very close collaboration. We also know that with all our clients, there are some product categories or activities (like warehousing and assemblies) that are very challenging to successfully manage in-house. These categories demand too many of your internal resources and present too many risks. This is when our services shine, allowing your organization to focus on your core competencies.

We know that you have a reputation and a brand to protect. Product quality and dependable manufacturers are extremely important to your organization. The suppliers we partner with produce for many of the most well-known names (like Wurth, OPPLE, and CM Technologies). We have a rigorous vetting process, and we provide full transparency on our suppliers. Read more about our quality assurance approach.

The majority of our customers come to us with designs that are already established. When engineers are designing a product, they often do not have insight into component costs, so costs are not a primary consideration. Our team of professionals, along with our partners’ engineers and technicians look at all the functions of your product to determine if there are any opportunities to improve value. We offer this design review on all our projects, free of charge to you.

Yes. Quality assurance is as important to us as it is to our customers. Our quality assurance process is ISO certified. At the onset, we collaborate with you to develop rigorous inspection and testing plans. Once production starts, we continuously monitor quality and report on it. We have our own fully-staffed office in China, so we are your eyes, ears, and voice on site if your solution requires partner(s) in Asia. From raw materials to finished products, and factory selection to freight forwarding, we have the discipline to consistently deliver the quality you expect.

Yes. We proactively work with you to obtain the certifications you need. We also ensure that the product development process (from design to distribution) complies with regulatory requirements. We work in accordance with all major industry standards such as CSA, FM, CE, and UL. Our team has experience with regulatory agencies from all parts of the globe. We handle customs clearance and export documents to ensure a hassle-free entry of products into the U.S.

Yes. Your concepts, ideas, and formulations are safe with us. At the beginning of a relationship, we put an NDA in place to protect your intellectual property.  We also carefully vet all our suppliers and conduct regular on-site visits. Since our beginning in 1998, our record of protecting intellectual property has been impeccable.

No. We are not tied to any specific vendors. We will find the right solution for you, regardless of a supplier's location.  We have provided supply chain solutions that included sourcing and services coming from South Africa, Europe, and low-cost countries like Vietnam, Korea, and the Philippines. We work mostly in the U.S. and China because these two countries remain the largest producers of electromechanical, metal, and electronics components.

Please note that some countries may present significant geopolitical risks and their poor infrastructure may negatively impact your lead time.

We have 20 supply chain experts working in the US and in the Asia. Our lean structure means that we are very agile and have greater opportunity to pass higher savings on to you.  In addition to that, we provide dedicated account management and act as a true extension to your team. Size doesn’t matter but the right experience fit for the product you are building, and a fit across other areas like geography, technology, culture, relationship, and total business model do.

Yes. We have been offering supply chain management services since 1998. We have built many long-term relationships with our customers and can provide customer and banking references on request.

Yes. Transparency is one of our core values. We believe that any good business relationship demands honesty. You will know what we are charging upfront and how we handle unexpected additional costs. 

Our fee is embedded in the unit price – there are no hidden fees, flat monthly charges, or licensing fees. We will also help you budget and manage expectations based on market conditions and circumstances especially around freight, duties, and warehousing.