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You can’t forecast customer demand with a crystal ball or tarot cards

We understand that the process of predicting the demand for products is difficult. 

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It is not an easy task to align your supply chain with demand and make it highly responsive to the variances between demand planning forecasted and actual demand.

It can be done, however, with demand planning & forecasting services from Chainlogix.

Our team provides expert analysis and guidance for your sales & operations planning services. We continuously review and analyze your sales trends to develop and deliver highly accurate demand forecasts that you can use to make better decisions about your business.

We work with you to understand your customer demand so we can optimize your supply chain and business management decisions. We strive to enhance and improve production planning, inventory management, and capacity needs for your product.

We assess and mitigate risks. Our experts confidently recommend what to manufacture, when to manufacture, and how much to manufacture.

When it comes to demand planning, here’s how we help you

Bring more agility to your supply chain

Having access to the right data and technology goes a long way toward simplifying demand planning. Chainlogix employs a state-of-the-art enterprise resource planning (ERP) system. Our process and system allow us to coordinate and manage the multitude of factories and providers you use for your products. We provide demand and inventory planning with full transparency, custom reporting, and real-time inventory. With Chainlogix, you become agile enough to easily adjust based on reliable data and information.

Meet your customer demand without having a surplus

We use real-time inventory control and just-in-time strategies to optimize your costs and revenues. We monitor your sales trends and constantly coordinate with your team. We understand that your goal is to have sufficient inventory levels to meet customer demand without having a surplus.

Protect you from disruption

External events usually influence businesses even more intensively than internal ones. Our team carefully monitors the leading logistics indexes and manufacturing indexes to keep on top of any changes to the health of your supply chain. Staying abreast of key performance indicators including changes in purchasing trends, transportation services, and vessel dwell times helps us stay ahead of potential disruptions or other changes that could impact your business.

We also have boots on the ground in Asia and the U.S., and decades-long partnerships in manufacturing and logistics. This allows us to monitor the impact of raw material shortages, delays at customs or ports of entry, political unrest, natural disasters, or other unforeseen disruptions. We monitor these supply chain drivers to ensure you have the right amount of safety stock, giving you an insurance policy against stockouts.

With Chainlogix as your demand planning partner, you arm yourself with the best information and analysis so you can make the smartest decisions for your organization.

Your manufacturing partner

At Chainlogix, we’re committed to delivering impactful results that meet—and exceed—your expectations. 

Through our strategic partnerships, a firm commitment to unsurpassed customer care, worldwide sourcing capabilities, and offices in the USA and China, we’ve become industry leaders in outsourced supply chain management and outsourced manufacturing. Our solutions and evidence-based approach to problem-solving help clients achieve a sustainable reduction in their total acquisition costs and build supply chain resilience.

As your dedicated partner, we will be with you at the start of your journey, and every step along the way. Nothing will get in the way of you and your success.

Together, we’ll navigate the hazards, traverse the rough patches, and overcome all the obstacles to arrive at long-lasting success, operational efficiency, and financial stability.

Let’s start our journey together today. Contact us today.

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