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It’s a small world after all

Implementing global sourcing helps you leap ahead of the pack in reducing costs, accelerating speed to market, and improving product quality.


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As a manufacturer in today’s competitive marketplace, your product needs to bring superior value to your customers. Value can be a factor of costs, features, functionality, and quality, which is why it’s imperative to integrate global sourcing quality control into your operational strategy. It’s challenging to know if you have the volume, internal resources, or risk-mitigation expertise for global sourcing.

Chainlogix is here to support your strategic sourcing, from assessing your production needs to contract negotiation and long-term supplier management. We can help you navigate the sometimes complex and confusing path to effective and efficient global cost reduction manufacturing. Manufacturers that have implemented global sourcing have leaped ahead of the pack in reducing costs, accelerating speed to market, and improving product quality.

Our global outsourcing product assembly in manufacturing can help you achieve your organizational goals:


We locate, partner, and coordinate with reliable, proven and cost-effective providers. Whether your product calls for domestic or international partners for some or all your components and parts, Chainlogix can create the right custom solution for you. We have vast experience in steering through the complexities of global manufacturing procurement services. We secure your sourcing needs, coordinate multiple manufacturers, and manage your supply chain. When you partner with Chainlogix, you can source globally without dedicating new internal resources to manage the process or investing in a local presence.

By utilizing global sourcing, you capture opportunities to improve lead time and quality, develop alternate supplier sources that stimulate competition and offset risk, increase your total supply capacity, and use technology and innovative processes that cut your production costs.

We are relentless problem solvers, and we also happen to love what we do. With our experienced, well-connected, expert staff of engineers and professionals, we overcome any obstacles associated with international sourcing like language barriers, cultural differences, policies, laws and compliance, extended business travel, time zone differences, and exchange rates. We have our own office and a full team in China, so we are your eyes, ears, and voice on-site if your sourcing solution requires partner(s) in Asia.

Chainlogix has a neutral and independent position in the marketplace because we are not tied to a specific vendor. We are not restricted by geography, locked to a particular brand or subset of brands, or a static line card. This means you have real options. The manufacturers chosen for your product will have a solid and verified business reputation. Chainlogix holds itself fully accountable for the quality of the product we deliver to you. Your manufacturers must follow the stringent code of conduct we set for them and sign enforceable non-disclosure, non-circumvent, and non-competition agreements.

Your goals when contemplating global sourcing are to achieve lower costs and to deliver higher quality products. As your global sourcing partner, we will work with you to make sure you and your operation achieve both.

Your manufacturing partner

At Chainlogix, we’re committed to delivering impactful results that meet—and exceed—your expectations. 

Through our strategic partnerships, a firm commitment to unsurpassed customer care, worldwide sourcing capabilities, and offices in the USA and China, we’ve become industry leaders in outsourced supply chain management and outsourced manufacturing. Our solutions and evidence-based approach to problem-solving help clients achieve a sustainable reduction in their total acquisition costs and build supply chain resilience.

As your dedicated partner, we will be with you at the start of your journey, and every step along the way. Nothing will get in the way of you and your success.

Together, we’ll navigate the hazards, traverse the rough patches, and overcome all the obstacles to arrive at long-lasting success, operational efficiency, and financial stability.

Let’s start our journey together today with our strategic global sourcing services & solutions. Contact us today.

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